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* Tyranny

xxTyranny's Stamp in Time.

Jan 19, 2012, 09:04 AM by Utopi | Views: 16860 | Comments: 10

To Tyranny members, Tyranny Alumni and supporters.

To my deepest regret, after talking with the current leadership, we have decided to close Tyranny's doors after 6 strong years. As one of the longest lasting WW hardcore guilds Tyranny had always adhered to the old school values and traditional raiding experience of EverQuest 2 end game raiding. Unfortunately, in the current state of EQ2, Tyranny's unique raid style and one of a kind dedication was a dying breed.

I would like to thank all the individuals who have put their time, experience and most importantly their life into Tyranny. Without you and your continued support and commitment, in and out of game, Tyranny would not have been the guild it was. Tyranny will always be remembered, not only on Oasis but at world wide level, for our competitiveness, accomplishments and continued success over the years.

For those of you that called Tyranny your home there was no better place in all of EQ2. Tyranny truly was a one of a kind guild that was loved by those who knew us and hated by those who thought they did. I hope Tyranny had a positive effect on your life as it did mine as it was truly was one hell of a ride I will never forget.

I wish you all the best of luck whether you continue to play EQ2 or look for greener pastures. Never forget.

Tyranny's Founder

P.S. Feel free to click the "read more" to view a short history of Tyranny.

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